Ladies Core Dressing

Lior-caprisCore Dressing is all about building a better wardrobe with pieces that all work together.

You don’t have to work hard at looking good. Palmettos eliminates the work by recommending pieces that work well with each other. Each piece will fit properly, wear beautifully and travel effortlessly. We feature high quality pieces that are made to last, easy to care for and look new after every laundering. We want your new style to elicit a “WOW” response!

Our core pieces (pants and jackets) are timeless. Pants are wardrobe essentials and Jan has become a recognized expert. SHe explains, “a company asked for my help in designing a pant. They wanted to know my idea of the perfect pant; a pair that can be mixed with different tops and shoes and look fabulous all day long! You can wear the right pair pants for business, out on the town or shopping during the day. They last for years, are comfortable in any climate and travel well.”

Fresh, Classic, or Conservative with an Edge

What’s your style? Fresh, classic or conservative with an edge? We have pieces you in styles that are comfortable, fresh and age appropriate, and…we have a legging for everyone!

Looking for that little black dress? Rest assured we always carry the perfect little black dress. It’s that “go to” piece of clothing every woman needs in her closet!

Visit Pamettos today! Because, with the right wardrobe, you’ll look fabulous, feel great and walk with confidence no matter what time of day or night.

“Fashions fade, but style is eternal.”
Yves Saint-Laurent

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